What Color Shoes to Wear with a Red Dress?

What color Shoes to Wear with a Red Dress?– Red is one of the most powerful colors out there, and it’s reserved for special events. As bold as a red dress is, you can break your entire outfit by choosing the wrong shoe color since red is one of the pickiest colors.

If you didn’t major in color chemistry, picking a shoe color that blends perfectly with your red outfit can be quite a hassle.

Fortunately, you don’t need to choose the colors for your shoe unaided. In this article, you’ll learn some of the best color shoes to wear with a red dress for the most although looks.

10 Stunning Color Shoes to Wear with a Red Dress

While the dress code usually specifies what color dress to wear, you rarely ever see an explicit recommendation for the shoe color. This leaves most struggling with matching shoes for their gorgeous outfit.

Not anymore, as the list below contains ten different shoe colors that match perfectly with red dresses, making you the focus of the event.

1. Gold

If you’ve ever paired a gold-colored shoe with a red dress, you’ll be convinced that they’re made to be worn exclusively with red dresses. It’s usually the default color shoe, and it works almost perfectly for any event, as long as you’re in a red outfit.

Another advantage of gold-colored shoes is their compatibility with most skin tones. Depending on how much focus you want on your shoes (and away from your dress), you can choose different variants of gold. The darker the shade, the more obvious it is, and the subtler your red dress becomes.

2. White

White heels aren’t relatively rare, but they also don’t make the list of the most popular shoe colors. The reason for this is quite simple: there aren’t many dress colors that work with white shoes. Fortunately, red is one of the selected few colors.

The precise kind of shoe you’ll choose will depend on the style of the dress. For a knee-long red gown, you can opt for a white peep-toe or a pair of sneakers, while white ankle boots blend perfectly with red sweaters.

3. Nude (Beige)

Red dresses are bold, but so are black shoes. If you want to focus all your attention on your dress, you may want to choose a color that’s almost mute, and nude ticks all the boxes for that.

Taking on your skin tone, beige shoes are unnoticeable. This characteristic relegates them to the background, putting your dress at the center of attention.

4. Silver

While silver may not be as precise as gold in matching red dresses, it isn’t a terrible match either. As long as the shoe type matches the style of the dress, you can get a comparable level of elegance to using gold-colored shoes.

To make things when more exciting, you should consider wearing silver jewelry exclusively. This will create a matching outfit that doesn’t defocus your dress while bringing appropriate attention to other parts of your outfit.

5. Black with Silver Embellishments

And who said you couldn’t wear a dual-tone show with a red dress? If you’re proficient enough with styling your dress, you can wear a two-tone show design that matches your dress perfectly.

This style makes even more sense if the dress in question isn’t completely red. If you have a two-tone dress, wearing a single-tone color shoe will look pretty uninteresting. There are only a very few color combos that match with red as well as black and silver.

6. Black

The sheer popularity of black shoes proves how well they blend with almost every dress color, and red doesn’t seem to be an exception. If you’re a fan of highly contrasting colors, a blue-black combination pushes that to the edge without making your outfit look out of place.

Black shoes can also be embellished with designs of other colors while retaining their compatibility with red dresses. Most metallic colors make a great second color for black shoes when paired with red dresses, but you can also go all black.

7. Red

While it’s quite rare to pair a red dress with a red set of shoes, it can make for a unique look that screams exquisiteness. If you already have a red shoe, it’d be hard to justify buying another to style your dress.

If you’re going with red shoes, however, you should consider choosing a style that complements the dress. It also helps to use a similar color shade to that of your dress to avoid a subtle but distracting contrast.

8. Brown or Tan

Beige-colored shoes match red dresses almost perfectly, but you don’t always find one in that color. The closest color to nude is brown, but it’s harder to recommend for a red dress than an all-beige shoe.

However, brown will look more fashionable on ladies with darker skin tones, as it looks pretty similar to beige, due to the nature of the skin. If you have a lighter skin tone, however, you’re better off with a lighter brown or a simple nude shoe.

9. Pink

If you’re after a subtler version of a red shoe to go with your red dress, you may be after a pink shoe. While pink doesn’t carry the same statement look like a red dress or shoe, they also accentuate your feet, making your legs look longer.

Pink works best with high heels. Good luck finding a flat pink sandal that also looks great with your red outfit.

10. Black and White

Building on the two-tone color suggestion from earlier, here’s another, if you think the idea of a dual-tone shoe for your red dress sounds very good.

A black and white shoe works best when you’re wearing a completely red dress. If the dress is styled with a different color, you’ll be having a jumble of several many colors in your outfit, which isn’t the accurate definition of elegance.


It’s quite unbelievable that you can pair your red dress with this variety of shoe colors. There are almost too many options from beige to white, and even dual-tone colors like black and silver.

But you should note that choosing the best shoe for your dress doesn’t end in the shoe color only. You also have to determine what style works best with the dress you’re wearing, as that also plays a huge role.

When you consider the style and the color, you should get the perfect shoe to match your all-red dress.

And this is all I got for the best color shoes to wear with a red dress. Want some more outfit ideas? Check out these blog posts.

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