How to Wear Leopard Print Shoes with Jeans (a Guide)

Leopard print shoes are great as you can wear them to almost any occasion. The style gives you a unique look that differentiates you from other people. One good way to wear your leopard print shoe is to wear them with jeans.

When wearing your leopard print shoes with jeans, you might need clarification about the fashion ideas, the best way to go about it, and much more. We will discuss the best fashion ideas to adopt to wear your leopard print shoes with jeans and a lot more.

Guide on How To Wear Leopard Print Shoes With Jeans

There are a lot of fashion ideas you can adopt when trying to wear your leopard-print shoes with jeans. Your ability to adopt these ideas largely depends on your willingness and the occasion. Here are some guides to wearing your leopard print shoes with jeans ideas.

1. Let’s Go Casual with a Leopard Print Heel Shoe on a Solid-Colored Plain Tee

This is one method you can use to rock your leopard print shoe. You can always try wearing your leopard print heel shoe with a solid-colored plain tee. This look is not only stylish but classy as well.

When trying out this idea, you should try it with little crazy jeans. While trying it with regular jeans can be a great idea, using crazy jeans will be even more excellent as the outfit will be fitting. You do not have to break the bank to try this outfit, as you can easily create it from the clothes in your closet.

2. Go Old School with Vintage/ Classic Tops and Leopard Print Wedge Sandals

You can always go vintage or classic by trying out your leopard print wedge sandals with an oversized vintage shirt. There are different types of vintage styles you can try. However, the most important thing is ensuring the clothing matches the occasion.

You can go vintage with your leopard print wedge sandals in different ways. Try wearing a sweater with big shoulder pads with your jean skirt or bell-bottom jeans. However, you should know that this outfit is perfect for casual wear or outings.

3. Get Creative with the Artsy Fashion Style

You can look different from the rest by rocking your leopard print shoes with artsy fashion. You can wear your leopard print silhouette shoe with normal jeans and a flat top.

Now, you should know that you can wear this fashion style to almost any occasion, from a date to church, work, and other places. It largely depends on how you rock the top with your jean. Remember to add one or two pieces of jewelry, as they add more beauty to your appearance.

4. Explore Simplicity with the Next-Girl-Door Fashion Style

If you want to look stylish and simple simultaneously, you can get creative with your leopard print shoes by adopting the next-girl-door style. Although this style is not so popular, it is still one style you can rock with your leopard print shoes.

There are different ways you can explore the next-girl-door fashion style. You can get plain jeans or a simple jean skirt with a simple tea top. Try wearing a wedge scandal, as it will add more to your looks.

5. Imitate your Favorite Band with the Rocker Fashion Style

The rocker style is ideal if you are looking for a fashion style to adopt, wearing your leopard print shoes with jeans. You can always try the rocker style for your casual events and occasions.

Adopting this style is easy. All you need to do is look at your favorite rock band and get or buy one or two shirts and tops similar to what they use. You can wear the shirt with a black jacket as most rock bands wear black jackets. Adopting this style is relatively affordable if compared to other styles.

6. Hip-hop Fashion Style

Hip-hop is another style you can use if you are looking for a suitable method or technique to rock your leopard print shoes with jeans. This style is relatively easy and classy. All you need is a bomber jacket, a car, or even an oversized jersey. 

A nice leopard price canvas or boot will be an ideal shoe to wear on this outfit. You can wear this outfit to casual places, from the bar to the club, national parks, and picnics.

Does Navy Blue and Leopard Print Match?

Yes. Leopard print shoes and navy blue clothes are a perfect match. While leopard print shoes look great in almost every outfit you might see, you must know that they are incredible and super attractive when you wear them with a navy blue top.

You can rock a navy blue cloth and a leopard print together differently. You can get a navy blue coat with blue and black jeans, and leopard print shoes. You can also wear a navy blue gown with your leopard print shoes. Combos like this are perfect and will make you attractive.

There are numerous affordable and stylish navy blue clothes. These clothes, ranging from gowns to crop tops and a lot more, can be gotten for as low as $5.

Does Leopard Print Go With Everything?

One unique thing about leopard print shoes is that you can wear them with almost any outfit. In fact, it is the shoe that goes with practically any outfit you intend to wear. You can go casual with your leopard print shoes.

If you don’t want to go casual, try the classic chic or formal/ corporate style. Leopard print shoes go with all of these styles and more.


While leopard print shoes make you look a lot more classy, you must know that there are ideas and fashion trends you can follow that will give you an even more elegant look. Some of these styles and directions have been discussed in this article. With a simple read-through, you will get all the information on the fashion styles you can adopt.

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