Jeggings vs. Leggings: What’s the Difference?

Jeggings vs. Leggings– Despite the apparent similarity in the names, there are many differences between jeggings and leggings. While both refer to similar types of clothing, some subtle differences make jeggings functionally distinct from leggings.

If you struggle to tell the difference between these two common pants, we’re here to help. The most basic difference is the fact that jeggings are jeans-like, while leggings have a distinct look that almost everyone can tell at first glance.

That cannot be the only difference between a pair of leggings and a pair of jeggings. In this article, you’ll learn the basic differences between these two pants and when to wear one or the other.

What are Jeggings?

Jeggings refer to a pair of tight trousers manufactured from materials that give them a jean-like look. However, they have the tight nature and stretchiness of a pair of leggings, making them like a cross between jeans and leggings. The name jeggings in and of itself sound like a cross between leggings and jeans, and we’ll assume that’s the source of the inspiration for the name.

Jeggings feels soft and stretchy, and while they look like jeans, they’re not true jeans. True denim jeans have a rough nature that won’t feel great when worn to be that tight. If you want a comfortable alternative to true denim jeans that also looks flashy and chic, a pair of jeggings is what you need.

Jeggings also come in different colors, and like jeans, blue and black are by far the most popular colors. Comparing this to leggings, you’ll notice an obvious difference, as leggings come almost exclusively in the color black.

Since jeggings aren’t true jeans, you don’t have to abide by any complicated washing instructions. You can simply throw them into the washing machine and wait out for them to become clean. They also dry very quickly, thanks to their softness, which is one of the qualities that set jeggings apart from jeans.

What are Leggings?

Unlike jeggings, leggings can refer to any tight-fitting stretchy pants made of soft materials. Most leggings are trouser length and are made from cotton for maximum comfort and chicness. With leggings being the default pants for most people in the gym, you should have an idea of their popularity.

Leggings are slightly less thick, and consequently less stretchy than jeggings since the latter was designed to mimic jeans. They’re also a lot softer than regular jeggings and also a lot less durable.

Leggings are designed to cover the entirety of your legs, so they come down. Some take this length a step further to cover your feet, making the pants cover your leg up to your toes, leaving no skin at all. Since they’re so lightweight that you barely feel you’re wearing any clothes, this usually doesn’t pose any problems.

Unlike jeggings, leggings can be made from a variety of fabrics, as long as it’s comfortable on the individual wearing them. On the other hand, anything that doesn’t look like denim jeans isn’t jeggings, and that’s exactly where the line is drawn.

Jeggings vs. Leggings – The Differences

Jeggings and leggings don’t have different names for no reason; there are clear differences between the two pants. Here are some of the major differences between jeggings and leggings.


The kind of fabric used in making both are fundamentally different since they’re meant to look different. Jeggings are almost always made from polyester fabric with cotton in a bid to make them look like jeans. However, leggings are made of anything comfortable, primarily nylon, wool, and polyester.


If you’re trying to save some money, you may want to go in leggings. While both leggings and jeggings are far less expensive than jeans, the former is also much cheaper than the former, explaining the popularity. However, the fact that jeggings are more expensive than leggings doesn’t mean they’re expensive per se; in fact, they’re very cheap.


Both leggings and jeggings are incredibly stretchy, but one is more stretchy than the other. Leggings are made to be as stretchy as possible, which jeggings are primarily made to look like jeans. Consequently, you may notice that the former has a bit more stretch to them, enhancing comfort.


At first glance, anyone will take a jegging for a pair of jeans, no thanks to the similarities between them. From that, trying to describe how a pair of jeggings look is unnecessary, since we all know what jeans mean.

However, leggings have a fundamentally different look, since they’re designed to be simple and comfortable. Generally, any pair of tight-fitting pants that don’t look like jeans are leggings, making the difference between the looks of the two.

Can Jeggings Be Worn as Pants?

If you’re into comfortable and tight-fitting pants, jeggings are one of your best options. Jeggings aren’t only designed to be worn as pants, they’re one of the most popular pants that ladies wear in the US and across the world in general.

However, there are specific tops that work well when trying to wear a pair of jeggings like regular pants. Since they don’t cover the upper part of your legs well, you may want to pair them with loose tops that are a bit lengthier than normal shirts. This will make an excellent combo, avoiding the jarring look that comes with pairing a pair of leggings with equally fitting clothes.

When you wear jeggings as pants, however, you don’t have to worry much about your shoes. Jeggings go with almost any kind of shoe, and if you’re wearing black ones, they match well with most shoe colors too!

Are Jeggings Tighter than Leggings?

Since both of these pants are made to be tight and stretchy, it’s a valid question to ask which is tighter. However, answering this question is quite complicated, as there are no tightness standards for both leggings and jeggings.

However, jeggings are usually thicker and slightly coarser than leggings, necessitating them to be a little loose to maintain maximum comfort. Since leggings were never made to look like jeans, manufacturers use the most comfortable fabric possible, making it easier to tighten the pants without making them less comfortable.

It’s important to note that the tightness difference between leggings and jeggings is so small that it’s almost immeasurable. In essence, it’s useless to try quantifying the difference between their tightness levels, since such a thing shouldn’t exist in the first place.

Which Is Better: Leggings or Jeggings?

Both leggings and jeggings are great pants that have different use cases. They look stylish with many outfits, but the human instinct to compare makes the question of leggings vs. jeggings appear so frequently on fashion forums.

When talking about the better piece of clothing, it’s difficult to be objective when there are no grounds for comparison. Does better mean more comfortable, easier to wear, more stylish, or the most commonly worn pants?

You can probably tell that the answers to both will differ already. When talking about chicness, jeggings win over leggings, but the latter is far more comfortable than the former. Leggings are a lot more common, but I doubt if that even makes fairgrounds for comparing between the two.

Pros and Cons; Leggings and Jeggings

Both leggings and jeggings have advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before buying either. These pros and cons can help you decide which of the two tight-fitting pants is better before making a purchase.

Pros and Cons of Jeggings

As for the pros of jeggings, they look generally nicer than leggings, thanks to the combination of jeans and the tight fit. You can also wear them to most events and gatherings, as long as you pair them with an appropriate top.

However, you shouldn’t expect them to be as durable as jeans, as they’re not technically the same material. Jeggings can also become somewhat uncomfortable when they’re too tight, and you don’t have as many styling options as you have with regular pants.

Pros and Cons of Leggings

The main selling point of leggings is comfort; that’s why it’s all you see when you hit the gym. There are different styling options for leggings, contrary to jeggings, and you can personalize them to your taste.

However, leggings are seen as inappropriate in some instances due to their insanely tight fit. Since some leggings are somewhat transparent, most workplaces won’t allow you to wear them to work. Leggings also limit your choice of tops, as you can’t style them with crop tops or any other top that isn’t long.


Leggings and jeggings are both cheap and stylish pants that match a variety of outfits and are very comfortable to wear. While they may look very similar, jeggings are different from leggings in both form and function, and you may want to know.

This article explains the differences between a pair of leggings and a pair of jeggings to teach you the differences between the two and avoid embarrassing confusion.

And that’s all for my post on Jeggings vs. Leggings. I hope you find the article helpful.

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