25 Classy Mix and Match Outfit Ideas for Work

If mix-matching cloth is something you love, then this post got you covered with classy, simple, and comfy mix and match outfit ideas for work.

It is always nice when you appear in the office or workplace looking elegant, and your colleagues tell you, “I love your dress.”

Of course, this is something almost every lady desire.

So, with this very passion, I compiled the collection of the best mix and match clothing ideas that are valid for work for you. Enjoy and leave your feedback.

Mix and Match Outfit Ideas for Work

Comfy Mix and Match Outfit Ideas for Work

1. Floral Print Long Sleeve Top with Mermaid Skirt + Heels

What a spectacular and unique outfit. This outfit is meant for the big classy ladies. And, I know you are one. Aside from work, you can wear this to official conferences.

Floral Print Long Sleeve Top + Mermaid Skirt + Heels

2. Jacket with Shirt + Jean Pants + Shoes + Handbag

Are you a lover of simple corporate wear? If yes, I got something for you. I was hoping you could check out this simple corporate outfit.

Yellow and Grey Subtle Mix and Match

3. Tank Top with Jacket + Hippleat Skirt + Heel Shoes

For a more serious look at work, I recommend this outfit. As the head of a unit or team leader, you need to look very smart.

Stripped Blouse + Stripped Blazer + Hip Pleat Skirt + Shoe
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4. Print and Pattern Inner Blouse with Long Jacket + Crop Jeans

This is what I call Thursday’s work outfit. You wear this outfit when you want to add some sense of sauce to your seriousness.

Print and Pattern Inner Blouse + Kimonos T Pant

5. Sweater with Maxi Skirt + Bodycross Bag + Sneakers

Our older ladies are not left out on this one. You can also be beautiful, mature, and corporate, all at the same thing. Kindly give this a try.

Simple Mix and Match Clothing Ideas

6. Printed Top with Long Sleeve Shirt + Printed Pants + Red Ankle boots

This is what I called Wednesday beauty. You know that on Wednesdays, you are not to look too serious or too casual. So this style suits it the most.

Printed Blouse + Ankle boot sand Blazer + Printed Pants + Red Ankle boots

7. Floral Print Top with Long Sleeve Jacket + Short Print Skirt + Heels

For the lovers of floral and print clothes, I got you covered with this. You have to give this a try. I know you will love it.

Floral Print Blouse and Blazer + Diamond Print Skirt

8. Black Spaghetti Strap Dress with Long Sleeve Blouse + Black Boots

This is one of the best corporate outfits for the street and hood ladies. This outfit gives you a sense of seriousness with a freestyle touch.

Peach Shirt + Black  Gown + Boot

9. Pois Shirt with Animal Print Pants and Sandals

Are you a self-made boss, and you want something simple but elegant for work? Why don’t we give this a trial?

Pois Shirt + Animal Print Pant + Sandal

10.  Mix and Match Out for Work on Winter Days

You can also maintain the vibe during the cold and freezing times. You have to know how to combine the pieces.

Mix and Match Out for Work on Winter Days

11.  Oversized Blazer with Crop Top + Light Blue Jeans + Heels

Another great idea for the street and hood ladies and also ladies that love to wear free clothes. You can give this a try.

Oversized Coat + Strapless Crop Top + Jean + Heels

12. Long Sleeve Blouse with Black Vest + Black Pants + Heel Shoes

As a Hijab-wearing lady that loves covering her own body, this is for you; I suggest you try it out.

Mix and Match Idea for the Hijab Wearing Ladies

13. Black Print Blouse with Jacket + Crop Pants

This outfit can be worn in all seasons to work. The print and colors are all unique and cannot be easily found around.

Stain Patterned Top + Leather Jacket + Three Quarter Pant

14. Cardigan with Crop Flare Pants + Mules + Mini Hand Bag

I have got you a unique, beautiful piece for the sweater weather lovers that you wouldn’t want to overlook. Just check this up.

Mix and Match Outfit for work in Autumn

15. Long Sleeve Blouse with Army Green Pants + Ankle Boots

You can’t afford to dress behind the tide. For a comfy, classy, and city look, you can give this a try.

Classy Mix and Match Outfit

16.  Black Blouse with Animal Print Trouser + Sandals

You can add a little sauce to that seriousness. For a long smooth day at work, I recommend this outfit.

Black Blouse + Animal Print Trouser + Sandals

17.  White Tank Top with Palazzo Pants + Muffle

For those who love wearing free and easy wear outfits to work, I recommend you try this out. Palazzos are one set of pants that gives you the comfort you desire.

Tank Top + Stripped Palazzo Pants

18. Ankara Made Dress with Heels

You can always portray your African heritage wherever you go to even at works. As a proud Africa, you need to give this a try.

African Mix and Match outfit for Work

19. Oversized Black T-Shirt with Snake Prink Pants + Converse Shoes

For those who work in the sports sector, you are not left out. You can look sporty and official all at the same time.

Comfy Athlesiure Wear

20. Long Sleeve Floral Blouse Top with Black Pants + Shoes

This is what I call the boss lady style. This outfit is best worn on Mondays and Thursdays. It should be among your clothing collection as a boss lady.

Full Shouldered Floral Top + Black Pant

 21. Shoulder-Stripped Top with Black Maxi Skirt + Heels

The perfect outfit for work on Tuesdays, whether you are slim or plus size, this outfit will suit you.

Shoulder-Stripped Top + High Waisted Skirt + Heels

22.  Upper Shoulder Top with Floral Skirt + Heels

You can’t walk and not be noticed when you have this outfit on. It is one style that is not found everywhere.

Upper Shoulder Blouse + Floral Skirt + Heels

23.  Sweatshirt with Jacket + Wide Leg Pants + Bodycross Bag

When the leaves start falling, and the weather starts getting cold, that’s the time you need to protect your skin the most. And all that can be solved with this outfit.

Best Mix and Match Outfit for Work  during The Fall

24.  White Top with Black Coat + Black Hose Leggings + Thigh High Leather Boots

Where are all my fashion queens? This is one outfit that should be in your clothing collection for work.

White Top + Black Coat + Black Opaque Leggings + Vinyl Boot

25. One Hand Black Long Sleeve Top with Yellow Jeans + Heels

This outfit got me screaming. Personally, I’m ordering this dress. This is what I call the real boss lady style.

One Hand Black Long  Sleeve Top + Jean + Heels

For now, this is all I got for mix and match outfit ideas for work. Want some more outfit ideas? Check out these blog posts.

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