25 Cute Outfits with Knee-High Boots

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This post contains cute outfits with Knee-high Boots that’ll inspire your next outfits. So if you’re looking for knee-high boots outfit ideas, then this post got you covered.

Knee-high boots can be worn as a fashion spectacle or for their much-needed protection against the winter cold. They appear to be one of the few footwear that offers any real protection for your legs against the cold.

If you get literal cold feet, you may want to wear knee-high boots. However, coming up with outfit ideas that match those boots perfectly can be tasking.

Cute Outfits with Knee-High Boots

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Good news: you don’t really have to come up with any outfit idea. Feel free to browse through ours here to help you decide which one you like best.

1. Black Top + Mini Pleated Skirt + Trench Coat with Black Knee-high Boots + Handbag

If you’re like everyone else, you don’t want to sweat over the best outfit to wear in the winter. Wearing a trench coat over a black top with knee-high boots should be enough to protect you from cold while looking chic.

Black Top + Mini Pleated Skirt + Trench Coat + Knee-high Boot + Handbag

2. Tight Mini T-Shirt Dress with Knee-high Boots

While knee-high boots aren’t exactly made for the summer, this outfit idea doesn’t look too bad for a sunny day, does it?

Mini Tight Dress + Knee-high Boots

3. Blouse Shirt
+ Indigo Jeans with Red Knee-high boots

Matching the colors of the knee-high boots with that of the indigo jeans is crucial to getting this outfit right. While it’s best for casual occasions, showing up at work like this is not too much of a stretch.

Deep V-necked Shirt + Indigo Jeans + Knee-high boots

4. Summer Spaghetti Strap Centred Slight Gown with Knee-high Boots

Who says you can’t wear knee-high boots in the summer? Certainly, they haven’t tried pairing it with a summer spaghetti gown as in the chic outfit idea below.

Summer Sphagetti Hand Centred Slight Gown + Knee-high Boots

5. White Long Sleeve Shirt + Puffer Vest + Mini Skirt with Knee-high Boots

While this outfit idea might like awesome, we don’t recommend wearing it to work. If you’ve tried mini skirts at work previously, however, the below outfit might inspire your new favorite workplace outfit.

Long Sleeve White Shirt + Puffer Vest + Mini Skirt + Knee-high Boots

6. Loose-fitted Long Sleeve Tee Dress + Leggings with Knee-high Boots

A loose-fitting long sleeve T-dress doesn’t look too bad with knee-high boots. Just try copying the outfit below in the exact colors or you may not be too pleased with how it will turn out.

Loose-fitted Gown + Knee-high Boots

7. Jumper Dress with Knee-high Boots + English Hat

You can get the perfect half-cowgirl look by wearing an English hat over your knee-high boots. The dress doesn’t matter much here, but I think the corporate short dress looks just perfect.

Corporate Short Dress + Knee-high Boots + English Hat

8. Netty Hands Shirt + Tight Mini Skirts with Black Knee-high Boots

Knee-high boots make tight mini skirts look a bit more decent for professional and formal environments. Not only is it an excellent professional outfit, but it’s also great for casual events.

Netty Hands Shirt + Tight Mini Skirts + Knee-high Boots

9. Winter Jacket + Sweatshirt + Indigo Jeans with Knee-High Boots + Sunglasses

Since knee-high boots were made to be worn in the winter, it’s only natural that they go with winter jackets. Add sunglasses and you’ll get the most elegant look possible in the winter.

Winter Jacket + Indigo Jeans + knee-high Boots + Sunglasses

10. Graphic Hoodie + Blue Jeans with Knee-high Boots

A graphic tee is to the summer as a graphic hoodie is to the winter. Knee-high boots are also for the winter. A combination of both makes the perfect dress for someone who loves shirts with inscriptions.

Graphic Hoodie + Blue Jeans + Knee-high Boots

11. Tied Fur Jacket + Legging with Knee-high Boots + Handbag

While I can’t think of the perfect scenario for this outfit, it’s difficult to think of a scenario where it will look out of place either. Getting a similarly-colored bag only makes the outfit look a lot more attractive.

Tied Fur Jacket + Knee-high Boots + Handbag

12. Netty Blouse + Light Blue Jeans with Knee-high Boots

If you think knee-high boots are too enormous to wear them around the house, wait until you see this outfit idea. It’s just simple and casual, but it won’t win any beauty paegents.

Upper Netty Blouse + Indigo Jeans + Knee-high Boots

13. Turtle Neck Shirt + Vintage Leather Skirt + Pea Coat + Leather Knee-high Boots + Handbag + Sunglasses

Leather skirts and leather boots have always been an excellent combination, but it becomes even better when it’s knee-high boots. Add a pea coat to the outfit to give the detective-like chic look.

Turtle Neck Shirt + Vintage Leather Skirt + Pea Coat + Leather Knee-high Boots

14. White Long Sleeve Crop Top + Blue Jeans with Knee-High Boots

If you’re looking for a way to style knee-high boots in the summer, here is an excellent idea. You may consider changing up the colors slightly to give different appearances each time.

White Long Sleeve Crop Top + Blue Jeans + Knee-High Boots

15. Floral Mini Long Sleeve Dress with Knee-high Boots + Belt

Colorful outfits always look more lively, as evidenced by the outfit idea below. Simply get a floral dress and knee-high boots and you’re good to go for that cocktail party.

Vintage Floral Mini Dress + Knee-high Boots

16. Sweater Dress with Knee-high Boots + Hat

A sweater dress is perfect for the winter, and so is a pair of boots. Adding the hat is optional, but is instrumental to helping you complete a semi-cowgirl look, if you want that.

Sweater Dress + Knee-high Boots + Hat

17. Turtle Neck Shirt + Fur Winter Jacket + Blue Jeans + Knee-High Boots

If you’re trying to get a new favorite work outfit, try replicating this outfit inspiration. However, ensuring that the boot and the outfit matches is essential to getting a similar level of elegance when you try out this outfit.

Turtle Neck Shirt + Fur Winter Jacket + Blue Jeans + Knee-high Boots

18. Black Long Sleeve Shirt + Short Jeans Skirt with Knee-high Boots + Hat

It’s almost impossible to style knee-high boots wrongly, as long as you’re adding a hat. However, the boots and the hat aren’t the only gorgeous apparels in this outfit inspiration, as the shirt and jeans are equally chic.

Black Long Sleeve Shirt + Short Jeans + Knee-high Boots + Hat

19. Yellow Long Sleeve Shirt + Button-down Mini Skirt with Knee-high Boots

The key to replicating this outfit is matching the colors precisely. Apart from black knee-high boots, the two other components to this outfit are pretty simple. No sunglasses, no hats.

Yellow Long Sleeve Shirt + Button-down Mini Skirt + Knee-high Boots

20. Oversized Sweater Shirt + Jean Bum Short with Knee-high Boots

A trip to a museum or cinema doesn’t require you to be remotely formal or exceedingly fashionable. Those outings are a perfect avenue to showcase this outfit idea with knee-high boots.

Oversized Sweater Shirt + Jean Bum Short + Knee-high Boots

21. Long Sleeve Shirt + Sweater Vest + High Waist Black Jeans with Knee-high Boots

This simple outfit works for almost all kinds of events, especially formal ones. It’s especially excellent for work environments, but only during the summer.

Long Sleeve Shirt + Sweater Vets + High Waist Black Jeans + Knee-high Boots

22. Black Long Sleeve Shirt + Trench Coat + Leggings + Knee-high Boots + Face Cap + Handbag

This outfit inspiration is another excellent way to show up at work in the winter without looking old-fashioned. You can easily replace the face cap with a cowgirl hat and nothing will change drastically.

Black Long Sleeve +Tied Trench Coat + Leggings + Knee-high Boots + Face Cap + Handbag

23. Soft Sweater Dress with Knee-high Boots + Hat

It’s hard to tell if the charm in this outfit is the subtle match between the hat and the knee-high boots or the white white bag that matches with the snow. Either way, anyone can easily attest to its chicness.

Soft Sweater Dress + Knee-high Boots + Hat

24. Black Mini Dress + Pink Winter Coat with Knee-high Boots + Handbag

Knee-high boots and winter outfits are like a match made in heaven. If you go out often in the winter, you must try this chic outfit idea that do a dual job of beautifying you and protecting you from the cold.

Black Mini Dress + Pink Winter Coat + Kneel-high Boots + Handbag

25. White Long Sleeve Sweatshirt + Mini Leather Skirt with Knee-high Boots + Handbag+ Sunglasses

The excellence of this outfit is in the colors. Thus, it’s unacceptable to try changing anything up. Pay special attention to the sunglasses; it’s brown too!

White Long Sleeve Shirt + Mini Leather Skirt + Knee-high Boots + Handbag+ Sunglasses

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25 Cute Outfits with Knee-High Boots

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