5 Must-Have Shoes To Wear With a White Lace Dress

A white lace dress is only good with appropriate shoes. Here are 5 adorable shoes to wear with a white lace dress for any occasion.

The white lace dress is perfect for different for many occasions. When you go for the right shoes, this outfit will help you rock the part. If you have been planning to wear that white lace dress for a wedding ceremony or a cocktail night out and are unsettled about the shoes to wear, you have hit the right spot.

In this article, we will consider the best shoes to wear with a white lace dress.

What Shoes to Wear with a White Lace Dress?

A perfect blend of class and elegance, white lace dresses are perfect for any outing you have planned. Below are some of the best shoes that blend well with your white lace dress:

1. Minimalist sandals

These shoes are the perfect ally for a cocktail event, wedding reception, or any classy event. These shoes blend well with a short white lace dress or even a midi-length. As the dress extends through your legs, the shoes complement them well.

A block or stiletto heel will do great with your lace dress. You must know that a thicker heel will go for a more casual setting. You can tell that slender heels will exude class, right? Exactly. They give an elegant and redefined look.

Another alternative to settle for is a low kitten heel even though this may appear too casual. With strappy and sleek shoes, you will barely notice that they are casual. Black or nude sandals will do the trick here.

If you want some shine with your shoes, a gold or silver metallic color will be a great option for your white lace dress. Stuart Weitzmann’s nudist is another great choice you want to try out. The black or beige color will bang a lot too.

2. Pointed Toe Pumps

A go-to shoe any day anytime is a pair of classic pointed-toe pumps. This simple shoe that features a classic silhouette should be part of any lady’s closet. For every fancy occasion, go for thinner heels particularly when it is a closed-toe heel pump.

A stiletto pump will do better than a block heel if you have a formal occasion planned. You can wear the blocked heel for a casual outing. You should know that the longer your heels are, the classier your legs will appear in a white lace dress.

You can decide to match the color of your lace dress and go for a white colored pump. This can work well for a wedding party-like event. You can wear other different colors too.

3. Stylish flats

Not everyone is a heel advocate, right? Exactly. If heels are not something you will go for, a stylish flat shoe with a fashionable fit will do a lot of good. You must be careful of the flat you go for though so your lace dress does not look dull.

This means that you must stay away from outdated or too casual flats. Pointed flats with almond shapes are the trend right now. They will pair well with your white lace dress. Stay away from rounded-toe ballerina flats, they will make your outfit casual and that is not what you want for your dress.

4. Mules and slides

A slide-on closed-toe shoe may come off as casual but it depends on the shoe style and the type of dress you go for. When you go for bejeweled mules, you get the best of your slide-on closed-toe shoe. With this kind of slide, you look fun and fancy.

However, you must know that mules are not convenient to wear especially if you are not used to them. The open-toe types are not even the fanciest. If you have a long day planned, then, consider other options.

If your white lace dress has a lingerie fit, open-toe mules give you a boudoir theme. It all depends on the event you have planned and the kind of crowd in that event.

5. Boots

There are different boots that you can work with your white lace dress. Choosing boots can be a tricky decision which means you have to tread carefully on this path. If you are not a styling pro, boots are a no-no because you might just look awkward in your white lace dress or too underdressed.

Slender fine-heeled boots with almond toes are great options. Tight boots that look like sock boots are another set of boots you can go for. Metallic boots or patent leather boots will help you make a fashion statement too.

Tight and tall over-the-knee boots are excellent options to consider if you want to be in the spotlight of the event you have planned. If you are a fan of suede or matte leather boots, you can still wear them for casual outings. They will tone down your glam factor so it is best to avoid them for classy events.

Complementing your white lace dress with the perfect purse

If you are indecisive about the purse styles to blend with your white lace dress, we have some options that you should try out. You know a white lace dress is already busy, right? Exactly. So, your best option will be a simple handheld purse.

A clutch is a great option here. If you want a handheld purse, make sure its strap is dainty and thin just like a thin chain. For the color of the purse, you can tone it to suit your white lace dress. If you want a playful look, you can do a contrasting color.

If you have chosen shoes of different colors from your dress, you can pair your accessories with the same color. Go for a purse that does not have a pattern. If your dress and shoes are of the same color, you should do a contrasting color with your purse. A patent or metallic purse in the same shade as your dress will look lovely.


The lace texture provides an additional layer of appeal, and lace dresses are the ideal blend of flirtatious and traditional elegance. The wonderful thing about lace gowns, besides their beauty, is their adaptability, which makes it easy to combine different types of shoes with your outfit.

You didn’t think you could dress casually in lace, did you? You can. Most casual lace dresses are crochet, eyelet, or chunky lace materials. But you can also dress in a more formal lace dress for a casual occasion. All you need to do to complete the look is match it with the appropriate shoes and accessories.

That’s all for the must-have shoes to wear with a white lace dress. For more ideas, you should consider checking out these blog posts.

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