7 Cool Shoes to Wear with Bell-Bottom Jeans and Pictures

Bell bottom jeans are one of the most loved outfits ladies love to wear. It doesn’t just make ladies feel super comfortable, but it also gives them the style and freedom most tight-fitted jeans don’t. However, when wearing bell-bottom jeans, you may need guidance on the type of shoes you should wear with your bell-bottom jeans.

There are different types of shoes you can wear with your bell-bottom jeans. Picking the right shoe largely depends on your preference, style, and occasion. We will discuss the best shoes to wear with bell-bottom jeans and a lot more below.

7 Best Shoes To Wear With Bell-Bottom Jeans and Pictures

There are a lot of shoes that would be perfect for your bell-bottom jeans. Here is a list of the shoes below.

1. Banded Mini Heels Sandals

The banded mini-heel sandals are one perfect footwear for your bell-bottom jeans. Depending on your top, you can wear this outfit to almost any location. With the banded mini-heel sandal, you will have the freedom and ventilation you desire when you move around.

Another unique thing about this footwear is that it is incredibly cheap. There are different brands with different qualities in the market. You can get this sandal for as low as $80.

2. Ankle Boots

The ankle boot is another matching outfit that would go with your bell bottom jean. You can wear your ankle boot to any occasion, from church events to work and casual gatherings. Many ladies love to wear their jeans with this boot.

There are different types and colors of ankle boots. However, white or black boots are two colors that always go with any top you wear with your bell-bottom jeans. You will get that stylish look you desire if you wear your ankle boots with the right top.

3. Chucky Boots

Like ankle boots, you can always wear Chucky boots with your bell-bottom jeans. There are different types of Chucky boots that will give you the style and glamor you desire. Boots like these generally make ladies look younger and more attractive.

Chucky boots are stylish on their own. Apart from style, they are also relatively affordable and durable. You will roll back the years in your looks when you wear Chucky boots on a bell bottom jeans with a plain tee.

4. Flat Sandals and Shoes

One thing about flat scandals and shoes is that they are super light and comfortable to wear. Depending on the occasion, you can easily wear flat sandals or shoes with your bell-bottom jean.

There are different types of flats you can wear with your bell-bottom jeans. They also come in different prices and different quality. You can get leather flats or even fabric flats shoes as long as you feel comfortable.

5. Sneakers

Many fashion models and top celebrities, from kylie Jenner to Jennifer Lopez and others, have rocked their bell-bottom jeans with one type of sneakers or another.  You can always rock your bell-bottom jeans with nice sneakers for any casual occasion.

While there are different types of sneakers, it would be best to wear a sneaker the same color as your top. If you can’t, you can opt for any white or black sneakers. You do not need to worry much about the cost as you will see sneakers as cheap as $200.

6. Clog Sandals

Clog scandals is another perfect fit for your bell-bottom jeans. With clog scandals, you can wear your bell-bottom jeans to various occasions, from lunch dates to picnics and many other events, without feeling out of place.

There are different brands of clog scandals you will find perfect for your bell bottom. These scandals are also affordable and very durable. You can get a clog scandal for as low as $80. When buying a clog scandal, you can choose a blue or black clog scandal as they go with any outfit.

7. Wedge Shoes and Sandals

While silhouette shoes are not a very good pick because of the jean pattern, wedge scandals are a perfect fit. With a wedge shoe or scandal, you can add a couple of inches to your height.

Besides your height, you will also have a good, confident, and attractive look. The type of shoe you wear also influences your appearance. There are different brands of wedge shoes and scandals with different designs. They will find them all on the web and stores new you.  With just $150, you can get a perfect wedge shoe for your jean.

Can We Wear Sneakers With Bell Bottoms?

Sneakers are shoes you can always wear with bell-bottom jeans. In fact, many ladies love to wear sneakers with their bell-bottom jeans because it gives them all the comfort and style they desire.

Different types of sneakers and brands are perfect for your bell-bottom brand. There is the Puma, Nike, and even Timberland. These sneakers are ideal for your fashion and are affordable, as you can buy them for as cheap as $200.

From runway models to social celebrities and more, different people wear sneakers daily with their bell-bottom jeans.

What Body Type Do Bell Bottoms Look Good On?

Although ladies with different body types ad shapes can wear bottom-bell jeans, you must know that ladies with pear-shaped bodies look the greatest in these jeans. It is relatively easy for these ladies to look good in these jeans.

Achieving this type of body is easy. You can work out in the gym and observe a strict diet room. You should be able to have the body in no time. However, if you can’t, you can still look great in bell-bottom jeans.


There are a lot of shoes that will be a perfect fit for your bell bottom jeans. We have discussed a list of the best shoes to wear with your bell-bottom jean and more above. Read through to get all the information on the best stylish outfit for your bell-bottom jean and more.

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