10 Cool Shoes to Wear with Capris You’ll Love

Permit me to show you my top ten favorite comfy shoes to wear with Capris you’ll love in every season of the year.

Capris pants are making a comeback. While they once rose to popularity between the 1950s and 1960s, people have ignored them for a pretty long while, and now, they’re taking the world by storm, again.

If you’re aiming for a classic look, you may want to go with capris. However, the fact that capris look horrible without matching footwear is quite undebatable. For the perfect capris outfit, you need gorgeous footwear to match.

In this article, I’ll outline 10 of the best shoes that look stunning with Capris pants, without compromising on your convenience.

Cool Shoes to Wear with Capris

When choosing shoes for capris, you must pay attention to both style and color. While the best color depends on what kind of capris pants you’re wearing, the shoe styles are uniform across the board.

Since this post isn’t about choosing colors for your capris, I’ll outline some of the best shoes that look stunning with capris pants without making you feel inconvenient.

1. Ballet Flats

If you want your shoe to be a subtle part of your outfit, a ballet flat is your best bet, best in nude or beige color. It brings less attention to your feet, making your classic capris pants stand out more, helped by your supposedly beautiful shirt.

Since ballet flats are also a classic style, they go excellently well with capris, which are also a classic style. Ballet flats also go with most pants, making them an invaluable addition to your closet.

2. Mules

If you have a pair of mule sandals, you don’t need to go shopping for extra footwear, as long as the colors match. Most capris will blend perfectly with golden flip flops, making that the fallback footwear if you’re not an expert in color science.

Flat mules are great for muter colors like beige, which a high-heeled mule will accentuate your legs, calling for a more showy color like chic gold or red, depending on your boldness and the color of your capris.

3. Sneakers

If everything seems to mix badly with your capris, try a pair of sneakers and forget everything else. Capris pants were historically worn by boys, which means it’s almost always paired with something like sneakers.

You can go for a classic sneaker style to keep your entire outfit all classic. If you’re not into the 1950s vibe, any sneaker style should do, as long as it’s in an appropriate color.

4. Block Heels

If you want most of the attention to your feet, you’ll want something that gives you some extra height. However, if you’re wearing capris pants, you almost certainly prioritize convenience, making the uncomfortable high-heeled shoes pretty impractical for you.

With block heels, you’ll get the needed height without unnecessary pain. You may want to use common colors like black, but any color will work perfectly. If you’re undecided with regards to the color, keep it as close to your skin tone as possible.

5. Lace-up Sandals

While almost all sandals look acceptable when paired with capris pants, lace-up standards are straight-up gorgeous. They don’t cover the entirety of your feet, leaving space for some air.

You can choose a sandal with multiple straps, as long as it still looks great. While sandals with heels do a better job of appreciating your feet, flat sandals are great for convenience, as the heel-related pains will be nonexistent.

6. Platforms

If you’re looking for some extra height from your footwear without the related pains from high-heels, you may want to consider a pair of platform shoes. Since platforms keep the height uniform across the surface of the shoes, they’re miles more comfortable than heels.

They also date back a bit, making them an excellent addition to a classic outfit. Each time you’re looking to go all old school, you can wear your platform shoes with your capris pants, and you’re good to go.

7. Canvas Flats

If you’re looking for the most appropriate footwear for your capris, you should probably try out canvas flats. Footwear that shows a lot of your feet surprisingly looks good with your cropped pants, which is pretty funny given that the pants also show a good amount of your feet.

Since they’re very comfortable to wear, you can simply slide your feet into one and get going. However, you don’t want to try that in the winter, as they offer no form of covering for your feet.

8. Pumps

While they aren’t exactly the type of footwear that works well with capris pants every time, they’re pretty good if you know how to style them. Pairing pumps with capris can easily go either way, making it necessary to pay attention to the other details.

While pumps may help you create the desired classic vibe, they’ll look somewhat out of place when it’s not a perfect match. To lower your chances of getting a mismatch, try wearing beige pumps. While they make your footwear a subtler part, that isn’t a bad thing since it can go either way.

9. Flip Flops

When it comes to pairing with capris pants, flip flops get the same treatment as lace-up sandals, only less formal. They’re the perfect option for anyone who chooses convenience over fashion, but that shouldn’t restrict you from styling a flip flop to your taste.

It isn’t much you can do about styling your capris with flip-flops. If you want something for a fashion show, you’ll likely go with something more fashionable. But for casual home wear, a pair of flip flops work just great.


It’s easy to find shoes that work very badly with capris pants; try a pair of cross-trainers, clogs, or a sandal with heavy straps. As bad as those may look with your capris, it’s also possible to find shoes that blend perfectly with them.

If you’re on the lookout for some of the most stunning shoes to wear with capris, you’re at the right place. Here, you’ll get expert suggestions and justifications for what we recommend.

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