8 Must-Have Shoes to Wear with Summer Dresses this Season

Let’s take this moment and digest through the 8 must-have comfy Shoes to wear with Summer Dresses this Season.

It’s almost summertime when traveling gets exciting again. While things are mostly good with the summer, the choice of shoes to wear usually causes internal strife for most people, and it’s understandable.

The summer is the hottest time of the year, and by implication, everyone wants to wear flip-flops. While they are admittedly very comfortable and allow for more air, flip-flops are way too casual. Imagine wearing flip-flops to a board meeting at a Fortune 500 company.

In this article, I’ll outline some of the best shoes you can wear with your sundresses this summer. It doesn’t matter if you’re after convenience, looks, or both; we have just the perfect footwear for you.

Comfy Shoes to Wear with Summer Dresses

Most summer dresses are the casual type, usually made from cotton or some other lightweight fabric. The best kinds of shoes that go with those types of dresses are the casual, loose-fitting types that allow for a lot of space for your feet.

Fortunately, there are just so many shoes that work best during the summer if you’re choosing based on the above criteria alone. But here, I’ll outline some of the best footwear for your sundresses this summer that are comfortable, gorgeous, and convenient.

Without further ado, let’s get into the list.

1. Flip Flops

Given that flip-flops were used to demonstrate a point in the introduction, you won’t expect to see one here. However, there is little doubt that flip-flops are the best kind of shoes for your summer dresses for their summer-friendly qualities.

Flip flops have come a long way since the boringly casual footwear they were a couple of years ago. Now, you can get them in many forms, including Flatforms if you’re in for some extra height.

While flip flops have surely evolved, they’re still not the best option for highly professional settings. It’s best to only wear them at home or on casual occasions due to their almost extreme simplicity.

2. Sporty Sandals

Sporty sandals may sound antique, but they’re great matches with most sundresses in the summer. With the amount of room a typical one leaves around your feet, you’ll be thankful you didn’t come along with something else.

Most people have mixed opinions concerning wearing summer dresses with sporty sandals. Fortunately, there are lots of pictures on the internet to check if you’re into something like that.

3. Classic White Sneakers

While you may wear your summer dress with any color sneaker you want, classic white sneakers are objectively the best option for a hot summer day. Thanks to the unexplainable sneaker magic, the footwear will just find a way to look good with your dress regardless.

In addition to the gorgeous looks, sneakers also feel very comfortable. If you have a pair of old-school sneakers in your closet, you can always look cool in the summer without worrying about extra footwear.

4. Lace-Up Sandals

While sneakers may look stunning when paired with summer dresses, they don’t leave much room around your feet. There is nothing you can use on a sunny day more than some extra space up to your ankles.

A pair of lace-up sandals offers you just that. They work perfectly with all kinds of summer dresses, and you can modify them to fit your use case. If you want a professional or fashionable style, you should consider going for something with heels. Otherwise, flat sandals will do just fine.

5. Espadrilles

Espadrilles are especially brilliant for their versatility. Depending on what style you get, they can either be the final touch to your winter outfit or the missing piece of your sundress.

If you’re wearing espadrilles in the summer, you may want to find something that’s both elegant and comfortable. Since you can wear your espadrilles on casual occasions as well as in professional settings, it’s a compelling option if you hate shopping for shoes every so often.

6. Block Heels

Over the years, heels have proven to be an elegant footwear choice, regardless of the occasion. However, it can be quite difficult to try stabilizing high heels, while struggling with the extreme heat in the summer.

Block heels are a clever solution to this problem. With the heels in a boxy shape to ease the pain from walking in heels, m the walking experience is nothing short of enjoyable.

While this may not be the best option for very formal occasions, it’s a fashionable alternative for casual situations. The added convenience is the factor that will likely win you over since that’s the major selling point.

7. Strappy Sandals

Lace-up sandals, sporty sandals, strappy sandals; it seems you can never go wrong with sandals, as long as you’re trying to style a summer dress. And it’s true; different sandals will only change your style, it rarely ever breaks it.

If you want some ‘90s vibe in your outfit, you may want to check out the strappy sandals trend. This will be even more appealing if you’re wearing a classic outfit. Since strappy sandals are very versatile, you can also wear them with most of your other dresses; just not in the winter.

8. Platforms

Platforms and Flatforms are taking the fashion industry by storm. They’re a comfortable alternative to classic strappy sandals if you’re into antique footwear.

Since platform shoes maintain the same height across the entire surface, they give you the extra height without compromising on your comfort like high heels. Regardless of how well you like platform shoes, they’re not the best option for very formal occasions.


Sundresses are specially made to help make the warm summer more comfortable by making them simpler. To make the most out of them, however, you’ll need equally comfortable shoes specifically designed to be worn with summer dresses.

Since retailers don’t mark shoes as “best for summer,” you’ll need other ways to know the best shoes to get. This article helps to outline eight of the coolest and comfy shoes to wear with summer dresses this warm season.

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Must-Have Shoes to Wear with Summer Dresses