What Color Shoes To Wear With a Gold Dress?

Gold dresses work well with a lot of shoe colors, but some make them look mediocre. Here are some of the best color shoes to wear with a gold dress for an exquisite look every day.

A gold dress is the most noticeable object in a crowd. However, proper footwear is still required to complete a garment. What, though, goes with a gold dress in terms of shoes? Few people are adept at matching shoes with outfits, since it takes skill. This makes us ponder what will happen to us when we dress for an occasion that requires a gold dress.

This article will provide you with some advice on how to pick the best color shoes to go with a gold dress, allowing you to relax before your upcoming dinner party.

What Color Shoes To Wear With A Gold Dress?

You’ve decided on a gold dress for the occasion and adore the way it looks. All that’s left is a pair of shoes to complete the picture. Don’t think you have to be restricted. There are numerous shoe hues and designs that can complete your outfit.

1. Silver Shoes

When worn with a dress from top to bottom, silver shoes’ distinctive style can offer you a chic appearance. The glittering silver will make you stand out in a crowd and enhance the beauty of your gold dress.

Given that silver high heels are appropriate for various settings, it is prudent to select heels that complement your clothing by bringing out more glitz and elegance in them. You ought to wear the dress with additional accessories, such as silver bracelets and chandelier earrings.

2. Gold Shoes

The first thing to think about when choosing shoes to match the gold dress is the color. Because of their vibrant color, gold shoes and dresses work well together and are a simple choice.

A pair of gold shoes with a gold dress completes a beautiful look. You look stylish and elegant in it, but you should spice things up by accessorizing with additional pieces that match well with the gold dress.

Gold high heels go well with both long and short gold gowns. Since gold heels are great for various settings, you should pick some that elevate your attire by adding more glitz. To create a sophisticated image, you could combine the dress with other accessories, like gold bracelets and chandelier earrings.

3. Black Shoes

You likely already own a pair of black shoes, just as you likely already have a black dress in your wardrobe. Why not pair your gold dress with these shoes if you have no other plans or simply like the way they fit?

Unlike white shoes, black shoes won’t disappear into the background. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear them with a gold dress, though. What are you holding out for if you have a stylish pair of black shoes that you wish to flaunt? You have absolutely nothing to fear from this daring combination because the gold and black color scheme is well-liked.

If you want to look more fashionable and alluring, pair your dress with other accessories, like long silver earrings. Black high-heel shoes, whether mid-heel or high-heel, may make your legs look sensual and attractive.

4. White Shoes

If you want to appear classy, white shoes are a great option. Gold dresses will stand out much more in combination with white accessories than they do on their own. White is the greatest color to choose if you want to wear shoes with your dress without them looking out of place.

White high-heeled shoes look well with a white-and-gold outfit. Additionally, light-colored footwear like white and cream can enhance the appearance of your legs when worn with a gold dress. You can complement your look by wearing a short gold dress with different white shoes, in addition to white high heels.

5. Red Shoes

When searching for shoes that match the gold dress, you may also think about wearing red ones. Red is a vivid and striking color that draws attention to your ensemble, but you may soften it by pairing your dress with an accessory in a contrasting hue.

A gold dress and crimson high heels go together beautifully. However, if you select a color too dark and drab, it will look like the entire outfit lacks a sense of freshness. If you like wearing red shoes, it is ideal to pair them with red lip color to make your face look more glowing and stunning in the light.

What Color Nail Polish Goes With Gold Dress?

A gold outfit looks great with black, white, navy, and beige nail paint. Additionally, you can paint your nails red, pink, or emerald green. A gold dress goes well with colors of gray, like charcoal and slate, most blue tones, and coral or seafoam nails.

Which Shoes Go Perfectly With Gold?

All you need to do to make wearing gold eye-catching is pick the appropriate occasion and setting. Gold is the ideal hue for you if you’re seeking for something striking.

Which High Heels Go With Gold?

Women all over the world love wearing gold high heels. People will notice you immediately if you choose to wear this color because it is so eye-catching. Choose a stylish pair of high-heeled shoes in gold to make your outfit appear stunning.

Will White Shoes Go With A Gold Dress?

You may wear white with any color and style of dress. It will add elegance and style to your entire outfit. If you prefer something more straightforward, you can always combine your dress with a pair of classic white shoes.

Whether you want the shoes shiny or matte is entirely up to you. Shiny shoes will still reflect light, but matte shoes will blend in and let the rest of your outfit stand out on its own. In either case, the white will mix well with the gold in your dress and offer you the boost in self-assurance you need for the occasion.


Depending on the event and desired aesthetic, a gold dress can be paired with various colors. Whatever shade is chosen, it’s crucial to ensure it goes well with the dress and gives the outfit a finished appearance. A gold dress can always be accessorized with silver, black, and neutral-colored items.

That concludes the best color shoes to wear with a gold dress. For more ideas, consider checking out these posts.

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