What Shoes to Wear with Polka Dot Dress

If you think looking perfect with a polka dot dress is impossible, wait until you wear pretty shoes. Here are the best shoes to wear with polka dot dresses for a sublime look.

Have you not been able to wear that lovely polka dot dress in your wardrobe because you don’t know what shoes to wear them with? We have brought good news your way so you can wear your Polka Dot dresses.

Polka dot dresses come with prints that make them a playful and elegant look at the same time. In this guide, we will consider some of the best shoes you can wear with your polka-dot dress.

What Shoes to Wear with Polka Dot Dress?

Polka dot dresses for any woman and, understandably, you want to wear them to every casual or formal event. Below are some of the best shoes to wear with polka dot dresses.

1. Chunky boots with black and white polka dot dress

A Black and white polka dot dress is a classic from way back and no matter the clothing item they are on, polka dots are lovely.

To feature a bold look, go for a black and white polka dot dress that has ruffles or layers on a chunky pair of boots. With this, you will wear a daring look.

To complement this amazing combination, go for a black leather jacket and a box clutch. You can match them with bold lip color and sunglasses. You will make heads turn with this look and you will no doubt be in the spotlight of the event.

2. Navy and white polka dot dress for a casual look

This is an outfit that you won’t fail to impress with. With this dress, you can dress up or down depending on what the occasion calls for. This outfit is very versatile and stylish and you can wear it for an evening night out with friends or a casual meeting.

You can wear this flowy blue polka dot dress with sneakers to have that sporty chic feel. If you want to be the star attraction, however, then a nice pair of open-toned stilettos are a great match for your navy-blue polka dot dress.

3. Purple and white polka dot dress for a boho look

For an evening summer party at the beach or a vacation around the beach, a purple and white velvet polka dot dress is a great find. Go for a dress that has spaghetti straps and a flowy hem as it will enhance your curves in the right places.

Pair this dress with strappy sandals and a sun hat. You can go for silver or white strappy sandals to give a perfect match for your dress.

During the colder days, wear a jacket to give you an extra bit of warmth. Strappy white sandals or silver-toned chunky sandals will help flaunt your charm well.

4. Red and white polka dot dress for a ravishing look

The Red and white polka dot dress makes styling effortless. You don’t need to even try; this dress will give you different style inspirations. When you match this dress with open-toed pumps and block heels, you have a divine look.

Go for an A-line red and white polka dot dress with ruffled cap sleeves or half sleeves. With your hair down, this look will make you look ravishing.

5. Emerald Green and white polka dot dress

For your date nights, cocktail events, or summer parties, lovely flowing emerald green, and white polka dot dress is the perfect fit. This dress pairs well with black stilettos to give you that deserving elegant style.

Slingback heels will also be ideal to pair with your emerald green and white polka dot dress. To step it up, you can match this dress with a pair of red leather pumps. This pair of pumps will keep you in the spotlight of any classy event.

6. Pink and white polka dot dress

For a pretty layered look, go for a pink and white polka dot dress with ruffles and layers to stand out on any occasion. A pair of white pumps will pair well with this dress to bring out the best in your feminine charm.

This dress works well for instant style whether you want to grab a quick brunch with friends or you have an outing. You can also pair this dress with tan-colored strappy sandals if you want to tone things down a bit.

7. Orange and white polka dress

A black and orange polka dress will look stunning when you pair it with black ankle boots. This pair of ankle boots will also pair well with an orange and white polka dress. If you are looking to switch up your girly style, this is one combination to try out.

This dress will be a great addition to your wardrobe and you will make a fashion statement pairing it with ankle booties. This dress is very attractive and it will give your overall look the shine it needs. For a fab girly and chic look, this combination is your perfect match. 

If you are not a fan of ankle boots, there are different shoes you can still go for. You can do gold, brown, red or even tan-colored shoes.

Gold pumps and tan wedges will also do a world of good here.

8. White and black polka dot dress

White and black polka dot dresses will fit well to give you a retro look. They will serve you across different occasions like parties, birthdays, prom, and evening parties. If you have been looking to shop for that retro look, look no further than this dress.

This dress pairs well with a pair of red pumps or strappy heels. These shoes pair well to give you that amazing vintage look.


The polka dot dress is an amazing classic that has been around for a while. They can be worn on different occasions. Even though different shoes can be paired with the polka dot dress, some just appear better than others. We have however covered some of the best shoe combinations you can have with this dress.

Look through our list, settle on your favorite pick and go shop for this look. Want similar ideas? Then, kindly check out some of our other posts.

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