What Shoes to Wear with Velvet Dress

A velvet dress is elegant and all, but what’s elegance when you can’t even wear a good-looking shoe. Here are the best shoes to wear with velvet dresses for an elegant look.

Velvet is a fabric that is making huge waves in the fashion world. Even though it has been around for a while, it is just starting to garner attention recently as we see it on runways and red carpets. So, if you just bought a velvet dress recently, chances are that you are not sure what shoes to pair them with.

In this article, we will offer you clarity as we show you the shoes you can pair with your velvet dress.

What Shoes to Wear with Velvet Dress?

You can wear your velvet dress in different ways and this is why this fabric is becoming popular again. Below are some of the shoes to wear your velvet dress with:

1. Golden shoes

A metallic golden shoe is a perfect blend for a velvet dress especially if it is a red-colored dress. Golden shoes will always make you rock any velvet dress better. You can go for a cool or warm gold color or do a flat or sandal.

A golden shoe will be perfect if what you are wearing is a velvet gown. A gladiator-like sandal with a casual velvet dress will also create an inspirational look. You can also resort to pumps if they are your favorites.

You know you can never go wrong with pumps, right? Great. When you pair gold pumps with your velvet dress, you will shine through any event you have planned. If you are going for a formal event, then golden shoes with stiletto heels will do the trick.

2. Neutral shades

A neutral shade shoe like a taupe, beige, or blush hue-shade shoe can also pair well with any velvet dress. The neutral shade is a great ally because it will give your bright-colored dress a fabulous look making it something you should have in your closet.

Nude shoes blend well with any dress you have planned for that evening party. The most fascinating part is that neutral shoes help the colors in your outfit shine.

3. Black boots

It is no news that black colored shoes match any color of a dress, right? Exactly. We thought so too. Black might be contrasting for some colors but it will make heads turn at your next party when you pair it with your mini velvet dress.

When wearing a velvet dress, the instant color effect that black boots will give it is outstanding. If you are not a fan of boots, you can try out strappy sandals. Strappy sandals will help you glam up with your favorite velvet dress.

Leather boots can also complement your velvet dress well. Leather boots will help you cap off an already perfect look. A velvet dress already comes with an amazing look, black shoes will give it a polished and sleeker look with an excellent finish.

4. Black sandals

Even though a black sandal comes with a minimal look, it is a perfect match for your velvet dress. It is available in various hues and what makes it a favorite option is that you can switch from boardroom to ballroom even in them.

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that will help you rock any weather, black sandals are the way to go.

5. Silver heels and silver shoes

When looking for matching shoes for your velvet dress, look no further than silver heels or silver shoes. You can never go wrong with silver metallic shoes and they are the perfect blend for your velvet dress. You can go for a pointed pump or sandals.

Whichever shoe type you go for, as long as it has the silver color, your velvet dress will be ready to rock the part.

6. White shoes

Dark-colored knee-length velvet dresses with stylish sleeves combine well with white shoes, especially white pumps. A sling blush-colored bag will complement this look and make you ready for that spotlight event.

White sneakers have also been trendy of late and they will bang well when you pair them with white velvet dresses. When preparing for a romantic dinner, this is the look you should consider because you will have a vibrant appearance. Either one of the heels or sneakers will help you rock your velvet dress well.

7. Velvety finish blue shoes

If you are more of a fashionable person and you like experimenting with colors, you can pair your velvet dress with blue velvet shoes. A red color velvet dress with these shoes will create a surprisingly stunning look. A simple purse to complement this red and blue combination will make you good to go.

Blue shoes take up your dress style a notch and give it a fashionable twist. Even though red and blue combinations are common, this pair will help you create magic with your appearance. If you want to come off as a fashion stylist, this combination will help you make a statement.

8. Suede shoes

A velvet dress will give you the much-needed edge in your day-to-day appearance. It helps you appear stylish in the best way possible and to enhance this look, the suede shoes are perfect. Suede shoes will allow your bright-colored velvet dress to shine through and help you glam up.

You can get dressed quickly in these knee-length suede shoes. Make sure to keep your accessories minimal so you don’t look awkward. Velvety finish and suede shoes are the perfect blends for your velvet dresses.

Leather and velvet will also add spice to your combination. A suede-heeled sandal helps you appear polished and classy at formal events. When you try suede shoes with your velvet dress, it takes your dress sense to a whole new level.

However, you must be careful about the color of the suede shoes you choose so you don’t look too off with colors. We recommend neutral suede shoes as they will bring out the best in your velvet dress.


The velvet dress might be your favorite for any occasion but the shoes you pair them with will determine whether you make a fashion statement or not. We have shown some of the best shoes to pair your dress with. Look through and make your choice.

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